Saturday, July 2, 2011

Learn to play Krishna Das songs on harmonium

Ever wanted to learn the harmonium chords for Krishna Das' "Baba Hanuman," "Ma Durga," "Brindavan Hare Ram," and other songs from his classic kirtan album "Breath of the Heart?"

Now you can! Whether you play harmonium or guitar, read Indian-style sargam music notation or western-music notation, Kirtan Central's "Chantcyclopedia Volume 1: Breath of the Heart" is designed to make it easy to learn KD's songs. Each chapter begins with entertaining "behind the music" stories from Krishna Das, filled with pithy Bhakti nectar, then has the song sheets in two formats.

Each songbook in Kirtan Central's Chantcyclopedia series features one classic kirtan album. Visit for more info.

These songbooks are transcribed and edited by Daniel Tucker. Daniel is a passionate kirtan leader, pioneering music educator, and founder of Kirtan Central. (more about Daniel at

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